So, this evening my mom and I hung out at my aunt’s house for a while. While there we partook in hot wings and had a heart-to-heart (or heart-to-CPU, in my case). Then I drove us to the grocery store to get some stuff for dinner. I’m going to make stuffed peppers for my parents tonight. After we picked up some fresh peppers, garlic, parsley, diced tomato, bow-tie pasta, pasta sauce, ground beef and pork sausage (among a few other items), I drove us home.

I’m thinking for toppings I can crush up some croutons, and we’ve got plenty of onion and rice at home. It should be good. I’ll take yummy photos.

Although, I really need to work on my decision making skills (I know, the course didn’t help much…). I spent nearly 10 minutes in the grocery store deliberating over whether or I not I should buy the onion & garlic pasta sauce…or the cheese & garlic sauce, and what the flavor ramifications of either decision would be…I went with the cheese & garlic.


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