So, answer me this…

Is it wrong to have….thoughts about a married man? I mean, if I just pretend this person isn’t married, then it’s almost like I don’t really know he’s married, right?? I mean I can claim to know or not to know anything, right?

Whatever, I don’t wreck homes.

Or do I?

Oh! That reminds me…speaking of marriage, the other night I dreamt almost exclusively about my ex-boyfriend and his fiancé…..about them buying me a drink at a convenience store…and exploring Hogwarts….it was weird. I also dreamt that I was asking someone if they knew where my favorite pair of white nylon tipped drumsticks had gone (which I actually can’t find in waking life). They didn’t know.

God….last question….why is it that people don’t seem to recognize when you are doing them a favor in spite of yourself?? I don’t want to have to spell it out, but I’m beginning to think that perhaps a spelling session is in order…. -_-


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