Btw, just decided

I’m about to change my middle name to “late to the party”…because not only am I always late to the party, but I am literally…always late to the party.

Sometimes I really have to wonder where I am, or where I have been. I can’t account for the majority of the hours I have spent alive. Honestly….what am I doing most of the time??? (besides random blog posting)..?

Revision: I have just determined where I have been. It seems I’ve spent too much time reading up on cyborgs and the distant future, that the present consistently manages to escape me. Not only am I always late to the party, but it’s more likely I’m not even aware that a party is taking place. I spend far too much time with my head stuck in a cheeseburger to even notice.

As unfortunate as this is, I don’t really think there’s a solution. But this makes me feel better:

Look at how streamline it is!

MIT Bio Suit for NASA


5 thoughts on “Btw, just decided

  1. um
    Seeing as I lived with you for 2 years.
    Probably the two best years of my life.
    i know exactly where your time goes.
    if you would like more information I can be happy to provide you with detailed notes.

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