All I dreamt about last night was food.

Seriously. I was eating something in every goddamn scene of the dream that I can remember. Biscuits. It was mostly biscuits. Biscuits with grape jam and butter, biscuits with raspberry preserves, biscuits with peanut butter and jelly, biscuits with honey and blackberry dip,  biscuits with biscuits in them. Part of the dream took place at a fucking buffet. I shit you not.

There was also a long portion of the dream that I spent transporting cheeseburgers in and out of the teacher’s lounge at my old high school. Cheeseburgers, in and out, in and out in a greasy paper sack. I must have eaten about four of them in the process. At one point I ran into Ms. Docter, one of my old math teachers, and she asked me to give her the cheeseburgers and that she would store them in her office. Reluctantly, I said ‘OK’, but not before sneaking one out of the bag and into my purse.I remember then walking into the gym for phys. ed. (lol, right?)….and the wall was lined with pans upon pans of warm, buttery, flaky biscuits. And I wanted every last one of them.

Fuck. I’m going to go make a sandwich.


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