I have been oversleeping at night, and catnapping during the day a lot for the past two weeks. This of course has led to the viscious cycle of waking up tired…followed shortly thereafter by the strong urge to go right back to sleep (which I tend to give into). However, oversleeping is known to cause depression due to deviation from the normal rationing of serotonin that is regulated by a healthy sleep schedule. I take it that this accounts for the majority of the gloominess and lethargy I’ve been experiencing, not to mention the frequent headaches. Too much goddamn sleep.

The plan of action now is to go do some jumping jacks, stop eating this sesame chicken (eating causes sleepy), drink a pint of water, pop some multivitamins, pile a bunch of clothes and shit on top of my bed so I can’t get in it, and watch an intellectually stimulating movie.

Gotta break the cycle.


One thought on “*slap*

  1. I don’t know if you ever watched it or not, I can’t remember, but a really good movie to watch before bed is definitely The Taste of Tea. I just watched Akira, which was pretty good, but it’s probably not as intellectually stimulating. I forget how much they just sort of infer throughout that movie. Oh yeah, they opened up the media library on the second floor of the library, so now you can sort of browse through the movies. They’re still organized by call number though. Another pretty good movie I watched not that long ago was Monsoon Wedding. If you want more suggestions, I can try to think of more!

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