Poop on midsummer

Yesterday, Joyce, Jason, Casey, Alice & Alice’s man went to Fairmount to bet on horse races. It was an experience. Word of advice however…never go to Fairmount and order a nacho platter. *vomit*

My playlist for right now includes some Metro Area, Black Moth Super Rainow, Ducktails, MSTRKRFT, Van She, Theoretical Girl, Rainbow Arabia and The Most Serene Republic.

Metro Area’s “Miura” is a fun summer groove from their self-titled 2002 debut.

Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Iron Lemonade” from this year’s album, Eating Us.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Iron Lemonade

If the others aren’t already in ur iTunes, Google that shit.

Last night’s dream was interesting, but unfortunately I can’t recall all of it. There was a first part that was really interesting, but I can only barely remember it.

I know for part of the beginning I was in a class with several other people, including “Kendra”….our teacher was making us write our names in marker on sheets of looseleaf, among various and sundry other Kindergarten-esque religion assignments. There were a lot of students in the room, and there was some debate over who got to sit where, followed by a very duplo-like montage of rearranging and reconnecting blue sectional pieces…I think Kendra ended up on an ottoman. Most people just ended up on the floor. I was late turning in my assignments of course, and I very distinctly recall reading an old test (yes, I have successfully read text before in dreams, so don’t believe that bullshit about people can’t read in dreams. That isn’t true in the least bit). I remember seeing a 25/75 on a test. Then I was at a university, with a lot of other students. We were all dressed in like, cadet uniforms. It was weird. There was a tower that we all used to transport messages and get from one class to the next. There was a ginger boy whom I helped with something at one point, and I sensed that he was immediately in love with me. He stared at me a lot. At one point, all of the students were sitting in front of a large outdoor movie screen. I was all over some other guy though, although I don’t recall who it was. But the ginger boy saw me, and just stared. I broke his dream heart.

Anyway, the last part I remember is being in a convention room or something with a lot of older, rural people. (I didn’t mean that derogatorily either). Anyway, there was an announcer guy who I was sitting right next to, he seemed like he was infomercial dude of some sort (Billy Mays? RIP) and he was announcing the fact that someone in the room was eating home fries and shrimp or catfish or something. Then they started cornering me and trying to give me all of these french fries….it was weird. I took the fries and ate some. Then I followed some guys out back to a backyard where there were a bunch of BOBs and ATOs playing field games. I recognized some people, including Ryan, Neil, Franklin, Stephanie Horton, Theresia….and Betsy O’Brien might have been out there, but I can’t remember who else at this point. I walked straight past them to a nearby house.

When I got in the house, I walked into the kitchen where I found Kara Drury. Kara began to sob, and I started consoling her. Ciera appeared and she and I were both trying to comfort Kara. I asked if she was crying about Eric, but it turned out that Kara was crying over “Kendra”, which struck me as odd. I found some cookies on a nearby countertop and began eating them, meanwhile Ciera started interrogating Kara about why she would have any reason to care about or cry over Kendra. I think Kendra might have been outside playing field games with the other BOBs, but I don’t recall actually seeing her. I never found out why Kara was crying over her though, because that was around the time my dad so rudely woke me up. It was very strange….


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