Wonderful news.

My uncle Joseph is still alive. ^^ It turns out that the rotten attorney that our family in Ohio hired to take over his affairs (he’s in a nursing home currently), was just trying to pull a fast one over on us.

The irony of this is that Joseph’s sister Mamie (also my grandmother’s sister), who is orchestrating this whole corrupt affair, happens to be a preacher at her church. But she’s not quite the beacon of morality that she poses to be. My grandmother always told me never to openly discuss family matters with strangers, but I have no shame anymore. And apparently neither does Mamie….

If my aunt and her family are so god-fearing and self-righteous … I fail to understand how they think they will get away with this. I almost want to send letters to her congregation, exposing her for this. Not only is it no way to treat her elder brother, but it’s also no way to treat the rest of his family who care deeply about him. He has been like a father to my dad. :/

In other news, I have been considering deleting the previous post. But perhaps I will let it go. I don’t normally bring things like that up…and certainly not in such a publically accessible place, but I want to try this new thing where I talk openly about my emotional habits. Besides..I guess, .what does it matter? It’s just a blog. Some anonymous viewer will judge me? Whatever.


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