Well..this was weird.

So here’s what went down this morning…

The first thing I recall is being at a place that I don’t know how to describe. It might have been a school or a movie theater or a stock ($$$) room. I’m not certain what people were doing there, but there were a lot of people sitting at long tables in rows in a giant auditorium, talking animatedly. I think they were all writing things also. Anyway…I was there and four of my real life friends appeared there as well. Apparently, Bob was in trouble with some people in this auditorium because he said something they didn’t like, and there was a huge commotion over it. I don’t particularly know what was said, but there was some sort of rioting and there was talk of having him removed from the room. I don’t remember what Allison’s role in this was, but she was there and I think she was talking to me. Christian, who I sensed was employed at this place, was just walking up and down the isles. My friend Stephanie expressed that she was mad at me because I wasn’t drinking. >_>

Then in the next scene, a friend of mine (who I think might have been Katie or Amanda) and I were being shown around an abandoned warehouse by this guy who owned a tiny teal store not too far from the warehouse. His store was oddly shaped and it sat atop of a giant see-saw, on which a miniature power generator or something sat at the opposite end. It was located in a very strange place also…a most post-apocalyptic looking town. Everything was tinted red, and there were large pipes extending in between any buildings (there were few). Actually, it looked more like we were on a different planet. Anyway, this guy helped us crawl into high windows and strange spaces. It was….weird, at best. He helped us climb into really high-up windows by propping our bodies up at weird angles while we scaled buildings with our arms. It made me very scared.

The next scene I recall is probably the most interesting…..and strange. I was in an apartment with what seemed to be an older man. He was always wearing a brown business suit, and he wasn’t very attractive. He seemed slightly overweight, but I sensed that I loved him. I soon discovered that this man and I were married. We were hugging a lot. I noticed that outside was a lobby that was connected to several restrooms and supposedly an all-girls’ dormitory. A number of my friends were in this lobby. Theresa, Lily and Andrea appeared here. Stephanie also appeared again, along with several other young women that I knew but whose faces I couldn’t recall. They were all drunk and were vomiting in the bathrooms outside of my husband and I’s apartment. I became really pissed when I went to use one of the restrooms and the toilet was clogged with vomit and excrement and what have you. I remembered expressing disgust that all of my friends were just out getting drunk and being irresponsible all the time, while I had a household to maintain. Stephanie, again, mentioned something about how I needed to lighten up. The toilet was flooding, and I yelled for the landlady to help us, but no one came. I searched for a plunger and tried to fix the toilet myself, but I don’t recall whether or not it worked.

Then when I returned to my apartment, several of my female friends were sitting at my dining room table. I recognized Waff, Liz, and some girls that went to my grade school. My husband (still an unidentified, unattractive older man), apparently had seated them and was serving them bagels and cream cheese. They had already eaten some fruit, but I offered them more. Then my husband and I were talking, I don’t remember what about. He revealed to me that he was only 3 years older than me. I didn’t believe him. Then suddenly, I was at a party. Jessica was there, but it wasn’t her house. It was still my apartment, but it had been extended to where it looked like a very large house. There were several bedrooms, and a large wrap-around L-kitchen, all traditionally furnished. There were several people at this party. I don’t recall what the party was for….I almost want to say it was for my engagement or some sort of marital rearrangement I was going through. Except, the guy I was with wasn’t the older gentleman from earlier in the dream….it was a male friend of Jessica’s.

All of the other friends from earlier in the dream appeared at my party, plus several other people I knew from gradeschool. We were eating and drinking and being merry. I was worried about a few of the individuals at my party who didn’t seem to be having fun. I noticed that my “fiancé” was very touchy feely with me. We were hugging a lot and being all sappy. This wasn’t really my style, but apparently this was the type of relationship we had. It was really obnoxious. Then we gradually slipped away into one of the bedrooms. But apparently, this didn’t happen under the radar. When I emerged from the bedroom, the party was over and it was the next morning. My “fiancé” was nowhere to be found. Jessica was still there however. I think Waff might have been there still also. They informed me that my other guests did not appreciate my having retreated to the bedroom with my fiancé during my own engagement party. I felt really guilty, and I tried to pretend that the party was still going. That’s all I remember.


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