Hate myself more? Is that possible? Yes. Yes it is.

Today I’m reluctantly crushing on Jane Aldridge and her fucking stupid ass fashionista blog right now. Gosh, I’m really not into fashionistas….but if you haven’t already (which I’m almost certain you have, this blog is 2 years old), take a gander at her and her mum’s blog. Not only is she drop dead stunning, but this slut is only 17 years old and she already has remarkably good taste, a closet full of designer shoes, a $camera$ to prove it, and a colossal Prada wallet to pay for it all, apparently…not to mention a massive global readership that happens to include one Kanye West.

I hate her,  except I’m in love with her and I can’t stay away. *sigh* If only there were an expendable income large enough to feed my obsession with designer shoes and clothing…..>_>  In all honesty, I don’t give a shit about designer anything, but I will pretend to whilst reading her blog for the sake of getting the “full experience”. Her grandmother is a seamstress, her mother used to work in the fashion industry and had her own clothing line, and now apparently little bit has one too? Her and her mum travel the world plucking designer and vintage shit out of the woodworks like my mom plucks eyebrows (my mom has no brows, mind you). She shits so much opulence, it’s unbelievable. Even her “lazy photography” days leave her, at worst, coming off as another one of those trendy, affluent yet refreshingly lo-fi hipsters. God, I so hate trendy lo-fi hipsters.

what a slut$cunt. Love the boots, though.


Oh, and fuck Garance Doré for drawing this.

Illustration by Garace Doré


“Today I am wearing … A mongolian lamb fur vest on loan from mom …”

-Jane Aldridge.



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