Alright, these are a bit overdue…

Last night…I was subjected to the following:

Disclaimer: I’m concealing the names of two of the individuals in this dream because I don’t want to reveal which friends of mine my subconscious arbitrarily places in lesbian relationships, lol.

The first bit I remember is….a bout of anger. Over what, I cannot say because I don’t entirely know. I found myself awake in someone’s house (someone who will go by the name of “Janet”). I didn’t realize I was in Janet’s house though. Anyway, Julia Curran was there. She woke me up I think, and I began talking to her. She told me that she was roommates with Janet (she’s not in real life), and then she told me all sorts of dirt on Janet, and I listened. We mostly talked about Janet’s love life, or lack thereof, and it was mostly in relation to another friend of mine (whom we’ll refer to here as “Kendra”). We discussed how Kendra liked Janet, but how Janet wasn’t certain she wanted a relationship with Kendra. I felt bad for Kendra, but was glad that she wasn’t with Janet (I apparently didn’t like Janet very much). My friend James was there suddenly. And after Julia got done talking to me about Janet and Kendra, James and I were left to talk amongst ourselves. However, I got upset when James tried to change the subject away from Kendra, and so I held him to the ground and smacked him on the face a few times. I remember this is when he got up and stormed out of Janet’s house without saying anything to me. I felt really bad about this.

Janet came out of her room. I was going to hide from her, but I didn’t move in time. So she ended up seeing me and asking me something along the lines of “What are you doing in my house?”. I dont’ remember what I said, but we ended up talking a bit. It was really awkward. She tried to explain her situation with Kendra to me. I kind of felt sympathy for Janet….but not really. I still didn’t like her. In fact, I remember feeling as if she were a stupid bitch.

Then, I found myself walking down a rainy city street. It was a very quaint street, and there were lots of cute young people on the street shopping and hanging out. It seemed to be a very trendy district. I was wearing a short skirt and knee-high boots. I remember feeling very…sexy? Anyway, on my way to wherever I was going I happened to see Kendra sitting alone on a bench in the middle of the street. Kendra was being rained on. I could tell that Kendra was sad because she had just been or was about to be rejected by Janet. I didn’t want Kendra to see me for some reason, so I sped up. The street suddenly turned into the stretch of Mulanix on campus that runs in front of Dobson and Ryle hall. I ran into Allison and we were walking and talking. Then all of a sudden we heard some commotion up ahead. What comes next makes me a bit squeamish…

So out of nowhere apparently, a student who I didn’t recognize fell down on the sidewalk and had hurt her leg/foot/ankle. She claimed it was broken. A crowd of girls had gathered around her. Of course, for any of you who know me very well at all, you would know that I have an extreme phobia regarding bone fractures of any form. I remember being really horrified in my dream and telling Allison not to look at the girl. Other people were walking by and we walked by while the girl was just lying on the grass screaming and crying. I felt really bad about not doing anything to help her, but soon a paramedic came along in a cop car and they bandaged her up and hauled her off to the hospital. This is where the dream continues to get really fucking weird….

Allison and I reach Ryle Hall, except it doesn’t look like Ryle Hall. It looks like one of the veterinary clinics that isn’t too far from my house. It even had a red cross on it. Apparently…Ryle was now some sort of health clinic. Allison told me she had to go inside for a bit. Then there was a transition that I don’t recall. Suddenly I was in the hospital. The girl who had injured her leg was there also with her family. We were in a room talking to a physical therapist who was showing the girl some exercises she needed to do with her leg in order to help it heal properly. I was under the impression that they had just fixed her leg, but she was already moving it around and walking on it. I was really confused. The really strange thing was that when she moved her leg, I was moving my leg. When she did her ankle exercises, I was doing ankle exercises too. It was strange. Our bodies were synched. A male family member of hers was talking to me about how quickly she had healed. I was really confused.

The girl then began to dance a bit with her mom, on her injured leg! This made me feel slightly better because it looked like she was recovering unusually rapidly. She didn’t seem like she was in any pain. She was walking on it without crutches. At a few moments during this, I remember walking around the hospital room with a slight limp. It was as if I was occassionally taking the place of the injured girl, because I would feel mild pain when walking. But then I’d walk normally again. It was bizarre. I remember leaving the hospital room with the girl and her family, the girl walking unaided.

Then I was outside Janet’s house. I was in a black party dress. It was like one of those bubble halter type dresses. I was all dolled up. When I walked in the house, Chris Boning was there and she looked at me in surprise. There was a party going on. I recognized Erin Givarz at the party as well. Of course Janet and Kendra were there. This made me extremely nervous. I walked around Janet’s house. Eventually I noticed that everyone was congregating in Janet’s living room at a long table.

I felt the urge to sit by Kendra and talk to Kendra. There was a seat open next to Kendra..and then a person, who may or may not have been Joyce..and then two more open seats….and then Chris Boning. I considered sitting by Kendra, but instead chose the seat next to Joyce instead. This paralleled a scene in another dream I had last week where I was hoping to sit next to Kendra (this person regularly appears in my dreams), but again, Joyce was in between. Janet was sitting across from Kendra at the time. In that dream, I remember stating that I hated Janet, and Kendra and I later reconvened in what made for a bizarre series of events…but that is a story for maybe another time. These two instances are just a few of several instances in which Kendra and I are physically separated by another person. It’s a recurring theme. I sat down at the table at Janet’s party, unable to talk to Kendra. I felt really unsatisfied.

Two nights ago, the following dream took place:

I’m beginning to fuzz on the details since it’s been two days now, but I recall being in high school again. The whole school was preparing for its big theatrical production, in which I was apparently casted the leading role. The musical involved something about a girl who wore a trashcan on her head, and something about….trash and rags, I think? I dunno, but it was all set to the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast. I remember singing songs from BNTB as if they were from this…trash musical..and also scrambling around to get my costume and make up together. I also remember the presence of a male friend (who was more like an amalgamation of two different friends of mine) and a female friend (whose identity I can’t recall)….but who may have resembled/been Jenifer Calandra…o_O.


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