This has got me creaming my pants.

I’m sorry. That was entirely too vulgar for this blog. But still… have got to look at this. It’s only $299!!:

I’m so on that when it comes out. In fact, I found this in the first issue of the online magazine “H+”, a magazine that caters to Transhumanists by providing information about state-of-the-art technology that will assist in ushering in the biomechanical merger between humans and technology. If you are not savvy to Transhumanism, I suggest you check out these links first:

..and of course the wiki on it.

Transhumanism is what “mad scientists” like Dr. Kevin Warwick, Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Hugo de Garis, and others in the cybernetics and bioengineering fields have been on about for years now. Still there are plenty of fear mongering yahoos out there who are afraid that this is eugenics reincarnate, and will try their hardest to stunt the progress of transhuman development. But what they fail to realize is that the creation of a post-human society is not only in the works, but it is in fact inevitable.

On a lighter, unrelated note, I dig this boot:


$149.99 at


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