Alright, the more I have pried on the internet over this product, the Emotiv EPOC headset, I am beginning to have my doubts as to whether or not it truly works. The price tag seems a little suspicious…only $300 for that kind of technology?? The following article is making me scared:

Also, in one YouTube video demonstration by Tan Le herself, co-founder of the company that created the headset, at one point one of the brainwave receptor pieces falls off..and then she just sticks it back on as if it were nothing! That was very suspicious indeed. It might have been a buffer piece or something…but really, why would you want a buffer piece when you’re trying to pick up electrical signals through someone’s skull??

In addition to this, it is curious that this technology has been around for quite some time now (in the hands of select government agencies and in the medical fields), however it is just now getting around to consumer/retail release?? And supposedly the Emotiv company is concerned that its competitors will reach a release date prior to their own (due to delays with the EPOC headset). All of this competition for a retail release…just now?? Yet the technology has been around for some time….and delays due to glitches?…..yet..the basic technology has been around (in successful use) for some time?

Very curious. Very curious, indeed. And I know, I know you’re all probably sitting there (all 2 of you) thinking, “Told you so..”, but…the fact that this technology is not unheard of is what continues to give me hope for such a product. For society’s sake, I hope the headset actually works.

I have two new dreams to post here shortly.


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