I’m aware that there’s a bunch of stuff I’m supposed to be doing or out taking care of right now…..but for some reason, I feel like I am literally incapable of getting started. Physically, emotionally. I don’t know what’s wrong with me this summer. It’s like I’ve willingly put myself under house arrest.

I will go ahead and share with you what bits and pieces I can recall from last night. The first I remember is waking through a courtyard, where several young Christian girls were praying. They were all wearing white dresses and standing around in a circle. I don’t want to say they were Catholic, because I don’t know that that was true…but I sensed they were very deeply Christ-serving individuals. I taunted one of the girls by pretending like I was stabbing her. It was some freaky martial arts move where I thrusted my flattened palm at her chest. She got really upset and tried to follow me out of the courtyard. I walked around a courtyard wall to escape her, and on the other side was a fancy department store (I think it might have been based off of Crate & Barrel, because I was just there the other day). I walked around and found myself in whatever department it is that sells childbirthing aids, breastfeeding supplies and sex toys. It was very strange.

I ended up following a man and his young son out of the store. The man had just bought his son a skateboard (the kid looked to be like…9 years old). When we got outside, all of a sudden, another boy (I assumed he was a second son) was present. This son looked to be like 16 or 17 years old. I got into their car. I don’t remember the rest of that scene.

Next thing I recall I’m at my friend Stephanie’s grandparents house and her grandparents and I are trying to plan and decorate for Stephanie’s college graduation party (which has already taken place in waking life). Alan Palomo was there, not sure why, but I assumed he was DJing. Stephanie was there and was upset about something I don’t recall. After this I remember being in an apartment with several BOBs, except it was like..inside of a dormitory because we were all going to classes in the same building. One of the BOBs, whom I’m traditionally not that close with, was ironing some clothes with me and said she wanted to talk. I don’t know what we talked about…but then one of my male friends appeared in the room. It turned into my living room. I was busy talking to two other people, when this male friend said he had a question for me. He said that once he found out what I was up to, the shit was going to, “hit the fan”. This male friend, who, as far as I’m aware does not even know about Second Life in waking life, was suspicious that I had created an alternate SL account in order to keep tabs on him. He told me he wanted me to get on SL at 9pm the following night to meet him so he could confirm my identity. Later on, this male friend and some other female friends and I were talking in my parents’ room. We were all exchanging baby pictures.


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