More tunes, plz.

Buffalo Daughter is really cute. It’s not new, but new to me. Check this out:

Also Solex is wonderful. Again not new, both being 90s bands. I wish I could find an online version of the song “The Boxer” to post for you, but alas I cannot. You can find them on eMusic. 😉

Hey Champ is really great. They have a MySpace you can check out. This song is obnoxious and really hot:

Hey Champ – In the White City.mp3

I’m really loving Telefon Tel Aviv‘s latest album, as well as Zongamin, John McEntire and Pierce & Jerl (Get Physical Records).

If you have not yet checked out Neon Indian or any of the musical stylings of Alan Palomo, leave this blog immediately and address that.

Aaaand…I’m not certain why, but this Deepest Blue song….is currently stuck in my head. Thank you Ministry of Sound.

Summer trip to Ibiza, anyone?…


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