The truth has been explicitly revealed to me over the course of my past two dreams. Alright subconscious — yooou wiiiiiin. There’s no way I can Freud my way out of this one. You’ve made it far too obvious.

I will not divulge the content of these two dreams publically, but I will summate their joint effect by saying that my subconscious has finally confirmed to me something about myself that, up until this point, I had only suspected might be true (or in some cases, may have denied).

The emphasis on physical and digestive obstacles, as well as the preparation and consumption of food has been especially telling. The revisiting of a house I have been to before (yet this time with different dream characters) is also of interest, as is (perhaps most significantly) the presence/absence and positioning of certain recognizable dream characters at certain dream events. And of course, my interactions with those characters…

And no, it’s not denoting an eating disorder (although if know me personally, you might assume it does).


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