Not what I was going for…

So I called myself lying down for a relaxing evening nap around 6:30. Woke up just now after having what I would consider, a mild nightmare.(Nightmare in that by the end of it, I knew I needed to wake up because I felt pretty uncomfortable in my surroundings).

Essentially….the first bit I remember any of, was me walking through a parking lot toward what looked to be a grouping of buildings. The purpose of these buildings I don’t know, but I would later find out that they were stores. I walked a certain ways into them when suddenly I was back in the parking lot…and I could see my parents getting out of my dad’s truck. I tried to speed up so that I’d lose them, but they saw me. So anyway, my dad had a large bag of bird feed with him. Apparently I had given them instructions that they need to come with me to this place, and that when I got there I was told to “remember to feed the birds”. But we didn’t know where the birds were. We ended up seeing some large birds in cages in a courtyard in the middle of the buildings, and my parents threw some bird feed in to them. During this time, I was hearing some pop song I don’t recall. But every time it got to a certain chord in the chorus, I’d feel a deep, warm buzzing sensation, like something electrical, fill my body.

We continued our way into what appeared to be a lesser version of Home Depot, or your basic home utility supply store. It was revealed that I was in the market for a hole-punch. Whether or not it was a three-hole punch I never foundout. But my dad went looking around, and appeared to accidentally hit his head on a low-hanging, wooden crossbeam that had paint cans suspended from it. The store clerk asked “Was that a staple?” Then my dad came back and somehow I assumed it had been his question…and so I said I didn’t know. And then he said something about how we might have a stapler in the basement. Then he stopped looking. So I began looking for a hole-punch. The next thing I remember is overlaid imagery of me punching holes in some small paper repeating some phrases similar to “Baby, baby…if you have a problem with me punching holes then…are you going to let me punch some holes for you?”..and I sensed that I was literally talking to a small child.

After a sequence of events I don’t remember, I was at my house in my bedroom in my bed. At this point I think I was on the verge of having a false awakening, but then the phone rang (in the dream at least). I got out of bed to answer it. It was one of my old grade school friends’ mother. (We’ll call the friend Mitsy and the mother Diane) When I answered Diane immediately began talking about something….I think it was politics…but I didn’t know what she was talking about. While I was talking to her I began seeing a parking lot with action figures in it that were floating. They were really grotesque looking. I think I was supposed to be playing a video game, because I remember pressing on something and they began to move. But this image didn’t last long. On the phone, I brought up the fact that I hadn’t heard from her or her family in a long time, and that I hadn’t even met in person their youngest son. During this phone conversation I noticed that my voice sounded unusually deep and smooth…this is where the dream turned eerie for me.

I’m walking around my house on the phone still, and notice there were some girls walking through my family room. I sensed my brother was home. I heard his voice. I heard the girls approaching where I was standing in the living room, so I tried to remain quiet and still. I sensed that one of the girls was Mitsy. I then heard one of the girls say “Is Ashley going to come out? Ashley is not even home.” I was still on the phone with Diane. I tried to respond to Diane, to see if she was still on the line but when I turned back into the hallway I noticed my brother was standing there smiling and two 14-year old looking girls were standing with him looking at me and giggling. Mitsy and one of her other friends were also in the hallway. I turned to my room and re-entered it.

When I entered my room, I was greeted by about 15 or so trendy-looking teenagers/young adults who were perched at various spots throughout my room (mostly on my bed), just staring at me. And I was like “Hah, what the hell’s going on in here?’…they all smiled and laughed at me, as if I should know better…and then gradually they all began exiting the room. Once the room was clear, I found myself entering the room a second time and the same thing happened, except this time it was a different group of young people sitting in my room staring. And I was like “What do you guys think you’re doing?” Again, they broke into smiles and began leaving the room without much fuss.

By this time, I had caught on to the fact that it was some sort of recurring joke or that I was on a candid camera show. Still, it happened a third time. The last time I entered the room, there was a completely different group of young people, but this time my ex-boyfriend was sitting in the group also. His hair was almost in a fro. I said “What is this?” I asked him if he knew all of these people. I don’t remember what his response was, but I told the group to get the fuck out. They didn’t begin leaving as immediately as the other groups did. In fact, the bodies of two teenage boys appeared to be lodged in the underside of my bed and the two boys began quarreling with one another while their torsos were hanging outside of my bed frame. I became scared because I could tell one of these boys was getting seriously injured. I remember screaming at them and trying to hit the one that was the bigger aggressor. I yelled at the top of my lungs to them and everyone else in the room, “No one is going to die or get injured in my bed! If you want to fight, take it outside!”. By this time, they had all begun to leave..some of them smiling at me, but saying things like “Fuck you, bitch.”

I was suddenly in my bed again, alone. My room looked as it normally does. I started to have a false awakening. Except, I saw some objects sitting in my bed frame that when I tried to look directly at them would quickly fade away. They were white objects. One of them looked like it might have been a cervical collar or some other circular medical appliance. The other objects I can’t remember. The lamp on my bookshelf seemed to fluctuate in opacity upon my focusing on it. And something white kept appearing in front of my door but I almost couldn’t even get my eyes to go to it. I could only see it when it was in my peripheral. At this point I was lucid and became really panicked. All the while this was going on there was music playing. It was an old-timey song about a baseball player. All I can remember were that the lyrics included something about a tattoo the player wore on his arm.

Needless to say, I woke up feeling spooked and not at all well-rested. I currently have a headache. It’s 8:34 pm.


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