Shhh, it’s okay. Nanna just wants some egg foo yung.

So…last night, baby, baby’s Nanna and myself stopped for Chinese take-out.

The moment her Nanna left the car and walked away, she began to scream and holler, bawling her eyes out. She was so stressed out she didn’t know what else to do but throw a tantrum.

And I just sat there and watched her…trying to say soothing things, but nothing helped. Not even bear blanket. Not even sippy cup. She just cried and cried and cried until her Nanna emerged safely from the restaurant.

I thought….you know, baby…just because Nanna walks away doesn’t mean she’s gone forever. No need to get upset. She’ll be back in a few. But, then I realized…she didnt know this. In her baby mind, Nanna just ditched her and wasn’t turning back. Very sad really.

But baby and the rest of us aren’t so different. The rest of us get just as broken up and stressed out when people we care about walk away from us, or just aren’t there to begin with…but most of us who’ve been around a bit longer have just found more socially acceptable ways to express and cope with this stress.

Most of us…

But I’ll tell you one thing, Kennedy (baby’s name). Even though I look like I don’t have soggy eyes….I’m right there with you.


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