I just had one of those moments…

..with myself. I got up to turn on the ceiling fan. Turned on the ceiling fan. High speed. The fan was going so fast, but making such little noise. I left the room for a few minutes, and within just a few footsteps I could barely even hear the fan, except for a tiny buzzing. I had to pause there for a moment to analyze the sound and how this could be. How could something whirring so fast be so subtle? If you were standing even just a foot or two outside of the room, you’d never guess that the fan was on. For some reason, I was amazed by this for a good 2 to 3 minutes. It was probably one of the best sounds I have heard all summer…but I can’t really explain why.

Speaking of things I cannot explain..I should also share something even sillier. My dream last night. It was really bizarre (as if bizarre dreams are something new here..>_>)….But a brief disclaimer…this dream was not in any way explicitly sexual. Although it’s going to sound like it was, it really was not. In my dream, one of my female friends (in her first dream cameo) decided to invite me over to her apartment for dinner. Upon arriving there, I quickly realized that I was intoxicated… My friend then invited another mutual female friend over (a recurring dream character), who began to take advantage of the fact that I was intoxicated by drawing all over my bum with a permanent marker. Luckily, I was fully clothed..but that sucked for my dream self. However, dream self was a little too drunk to get mad at the friend for drawing on my clothing (let alone the clothing on my butt). I remember laughing a lot and telling this friend that they were doing great things (no idea what I was talking about…clearly dream drunk…)

Then, the only other thing I recall is later meeting a male friend in back of an Italian restaurant. There was a large grassy knoll with various flower patches and walking trails strewn throughout it. We kind of hopped around it for a bit, pointing out weeds and not having a whole lot to say. I was wearing a mauve dress. He was wearing slightly atypical guy clothing.

Last, but not least..more ear candy from 2007…Just stumbled upon this and thought it was groovy. Blast from the past yo, it’s happy robot rock.

Battles – Atlas

And some cutesy shit from The Go! Team…

The Go! Team – Grip Like A Vice

That’s all for now.


3 thoughts on “I just had one of those moments…

    • Tell me about it…last night I dreamt that I was sitting in on a lamas class for teenage mothers-to-be..and the night before that I dreamt I was one of those beauty pageant daughters….*shudders*

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