God, you know what’s really annoying?

The fact that researchers have been discovering new treatments and solutions to human medical and cosmetic concerns, but many of these will never hit the market because doctors, drug companies and cosmetic product industries don’t want to lose their business. People, this is the FUTURE we are throwing away. We are subjected to continually having to purchase less effective products (thanks to planned obsolescence) and receive medical care that is less than top notch, all for the fact that people are self-interested and really don’t want the public to be healthy and/or happy (at least not before spending all of its money on shitty products and convoluted services).

Prices on everything are jacked sky high, for results that aren’t usually worth the money spent obtaining them. Industries feel the need to create all of these specialized professions. My dad likes the example of needing the oral surgeon, the dentist, the orthodontist, etc, etc so that you can have three or more people making a living out of your mouth..as opposed to just one, as it used to be in the old days. There are helpful products that people could be using, but that will never see the light of day because drug companies buy them out and eat them up before anyone finds out that they exist…and then they proceed to sit on those products until it is almost always an “inopportune time’ to release them on the market (because of course, they have to make profits off of all of their other products that might be rendered unnecessary should they release the product on the market). Fuck them.

Exhibit A: In 2005, Loréal created a pill that could potentially change hair follicle shape from round to flat and vice versa. Useful? Maybe. It would sure cut out a lot of the chemical processing that millions of women (children & men also) have performed on their hair each year. Not only is chemical processing of hair unhealthy, since it fucks with the natural oils and ph balance of healthy hair, but also…it is fucking expensive. We throw millions of dollars away each year in pursuit of better hair (I know this first hand)…when really it could all be so much more simple.

However, this was back in 2005. Where the fuck is this pill now? If you Google it, you will find virtually no results more recent than 2005. It is nowhere to be found, thanks to the hair care industry’s irrational fear that a decreased demand for hair straightening and perming agents would be far too costly for their business (and by “costly” I mean, unprofitable).


Okay…not that this is the most relevant example of something really important…but you get the idea…

Exhibit B: This year, researchers at Harvard have uncovered the substance found in red wine (reservatrol) that is linked to longevity and decreased disease in older age. The study was based off of the observation that the French, who consume red wine on a regular basis, tend to be healthier overall into middle and older age, having less instances of Diabetes and Alzheimer’s, among other diseases, than their American counterparts (not surprising news here, folks). These researchers had developed a pill that would provide higher concentrations of reservatrol to be taken as a supplement, which could essentially act as a proverbial fountain of youth in pill form. The pill has the potential to help retard the effects of aging, using a compound naturally found in red grapes. HOWEVER, these dumb fuckers sold the pill to GlaxoSmithKline……uh #@%$! Why the FUCK would they do that?!

Oh right…..the $720 million. >_>

We all know that all Glaxo is going to do is sit on that pill until they’ve milked all of their other products (sales of which could be potentially threatened by this fountain of youth pill and its potential sister products). Who knows if that pill will ever see the light of day/market. This just in, it won’t. A big pharmaceutical company like Glaxo certainly doesn’t want to reverse the effects of aging. Healthy Americans hurt Glaxo’s business.



I’m going to vomit.


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