I get the feeling that…

This is just going to turn into a Second Life blog, because my First life isn’t nearly as interesting. :/ Anyway, just decided to post some updates about what’s going on…

Lainey has been hanging at the Gnarled Oak a lot recently, and has made a ton of new friends. There are some really interesting people there who know of a lot of great indie music. So naturally, I’m all over it. I’m going to begin DJing there probably within the next week or two. Did you know that you can make over L$1000 in tips in one night at the Oak?! I’ve seen it happen. I should only hope that I become that successful. Closer to home, I’ve also secured a post with the Old New York Times as an entertainment writer. In fact, I submitted my first piece on the Gnarled Oak last week. I’ll probably be writing about the Chelsea Hotel next (I’ve got connections with the lyceum series manager). Maybe I’ll get some brief interviews?

In other news, Lainey began renting an apartment on the Staten Island sim last week. (L$1200/wk. Very spacious. Great location.) and so far….I’ve had some interesting visitors. Two days ago, a strange lady showed up at my back porch claiming that she was a “vampire queen” and that she had seen me in dreams, traveling all this way (virtually) to find me. She asked if I was going to let her in. Having been forewarned about Second Life vampires, I cautiously opened my doors. I called myself being hospitable. I told her she could have a seat, and I offered her something to drink, but she didn’t seem interested in leading normal conversation. She instead began telling me about how she would never bite me, and how she and ghosts of her family would protect me. She then informed me that she would be back the following day, and that I shouldn’t open my doors for anyone else.

Well, yesterday, I was informed by my landlord that she found this woman, along with someone by the name of “bipbip” chilling in my apartment while I was away. She politely (I’m assuming) told them to leave the premises, and I have no heard from the vampire queen since. :/

Hm, anyway…I’m hoping to throw a party at my SL apartment soon. Only question is….how do I connect to the music stream for live DJing? And who will DJ? And now for some screencaps…


Looking cute in a top hat..

Looking cute in some designer clothes at the apartment

Looking cute in some designer clothes at the apartment

Getting her groove on with friends at the Oak (gin and tonic in hand)

Getting her groove on with friends at the Oak (gin and tonic in hand)

And that’s all for now.


One thought on “I get the feeling that…

  1. Lainey is a PAR-TEEE GURL. Her skirts/shorts are always very short. Are you living vicariously through Lainey, Ashley?

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