This has gotten out of control…

My dreams for the past two nights have been trying to tell me something, but I’m really not certain what it is.

I have been frivolously engaging in intimate activities with close friends (just slow-dancing mostly, but still)….and was even harassed by several gentlemen in two pick-up trucks, who hurled glass bottles at me. What does this mean?

I also participated in a family reunion in last night’s dream…however, my “family” not only included Morgan Freeman, but also 15 to 20 black teenagers…all of whom were supposed to be my cousins?? The only real family member I recognized in the dream was my Aunt Alice, who seemed to coordinating the whole thing.

And then later in the dream, I helped a friend of mine kidnap several white teenagers and hold them hostage in his house. Like in virtually every horror flick, they tried to band together to figure out how to escape. Meanwhile, my friend and I discussed how they were like little lab creatures for us to perform social experiments on….and then we slow-danced to music videos in his room, while they scrambled for their lives.

If that isn’t bizarre….


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