They just keep getting creepier…

So last night’s gem…I swear this isn’t supposed to be a dream journal, but my dreams are perhaps the most note-worthy things I have going on in my life right now…

Anyway, I dreamt that I was sleeping on a pull-out sofa bed in this large house. I noticed that in the room next to me was a girl (whom I didn’t recognize, but who had light brown hair) lounging on a sofa next to this boy, whom I am acquainted with in waking life (and whose identity shall remain undisclosed). Every once in a while Allison would come into the room and say something or change clothes and then leave (simliar to what happened whenever I was asleep in our dorm room). At one point she comes in and says “Aren’t you cold in those pajama shorts?” …Needless to say, I got up and changed into pajama pants and put on socks. But instead of returning to my pull-out bed….I somehow ended up on the sofa in the next room. However, the sofa was now empty except for me….or so I thought.

So I’m curled up at the end of this sofa, thinking I’m alone, when all of a sudden the boy scoots over to me and goes, “Wonderful. Now we can get to know each other a bit better.” I kid you not. SOMEthing creep-tastic along those lines. His voice didn’t sound normal. It was a lot deeper, smoother and almost “movie trailer narrator”-esque. I wondered where the hell the other girl had gone, so I asked him and he revealed that he didn’t like that girl, and that he was waiting for her to go so that he could talk to me. This was slyly accompanied by his hands roaming around my thighs. I sat there nervously. (don’t worry this dream remains PG-13).

So anyway, I remember freaking out. He then tried to convince me that I should kiss him, but I seemed very against this, and was still technically facing away from him. So it resulted in this awkward backwards neck-twisting scenario. I told him I was no good at kissing and at one point he reprimanded me for not doing it right. Whatever. So, this goes on for a moment or two, and then all of a sudden, in a very Sims 2 like fashion, he was on top of me. I cleared my throat or looked away or did something to indicate that we ought to rethink where this was going, because at that point he got up and walked away.

I remember feeling very insecure at this point, going through my dream mind all of the reasons why I did or didn’t want anything to happen between me and this individual. And then he came back with something in his hand that I couldn’t see, and just sat down and looked at me eagerly. I shrugged, and there was a mutual, unspoken understanding that whatever was about to take place, was no longer going to take place. And that was it.

Later on in the dream, I saw this boy on a couch with another girl (a blonde) while I was passing through with some people (I don’t remember what was going on), and he and this girl got up and left and I was pissed. But that was probably the most interesting portion of the dream. The rest of it was fairly uneventful, although at one point I did run into Corey and Charlene eating at a fried fish restaurant. Delmonico was also in my dream…I think me and some other students were helping her clean out her office, which was conveniently located in a trailer on the outskirts of campus…>_>. Something about me teaching a typing course?? Some food? I was on campus I think….

I don’t remember the rest.


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