I cannot get over this song.

Not only is it beautiful, but it is beautifully haunting. And don’t get me started on haunting music. Although I do feel a hauntology post coming on rather shortly, Kanno is not a hauntological composer. At least not as far as current hauntology canon is concerned.
Still, this particular piece engages in its own form of temporal and emotional ‘follow the leader’. It builds up seemingly forever, leading you into the most satisfying sense of anticipation and then somehow just confirms something that you already knew. Or that you might have known, thematically at least.
It leaves me feeling like I’m still waiting for something or someone to take place, yet somewhat hopefully….in other words, it just keeps presenting me back to my entire life.
It is genial really. Simply put, Kanno’s work is incredibly emotive. This may or may not explain the 167 and growing play count. >_>

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