I drank two bottles last night.

I am sitting at my favorite table at the library ….which, for those of you who don’t know is the round table, 2nd floor, west side, south end..although the one at the north end is nice too…same table though, really). And I am blogging.

What I’d really like to express today is the fact that Stellarium is quite possibly the cutest and “most best” astronomy program I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling across (and I’ve stumbled across like five…) It’s really very beautiful, and the user-interface is well…user-friendly. You even have the option of turning on the constellation artwork!

Check this out: http://www.stellarium.org/

In other blogs across town, I have shared the fact that I will be getting braces in about a week. Not that anyone cares, but I’m still mildly interested. Also, I have failed yet again in my quest to pull an all-nighter. I made it to 5:15am two nights ago, but I keep giving in to my personal well-being and end up sleeping…:/

Anyway, I’m going to use Stellarium now to complete the lab assignment that was due yesterday. I might be back later with my first batch of audio goodies.



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